The time is now.
Stop living a life you are not happy with because you scared of change. Because the time is not right, you are waiting for the end of the year, money or any other of the countless excuses we make every day. Stop being unhappy with the now and just settling. You are worth so much more. You are capable of so much. All you need to do is start today.
We settle so many times in life, we live with what we have, what we are doing and maybe even in a relationship we know is finished, unhappily, just so we can be because we fear change. We try and make it work. Yet nothing seems to improve, and we still have a dream of change. The one that seems out of reach. The right time is now
Take a minute and go back in time with me. Look for a moment at Notre Dame one of the most beautiful churches in Paris and maybe even the world. It was built in 1160. It is an impressive building and has stood test of time. It is around 856 yrs. old and has survived revolutions and 2 world wars. Although Joan of Arc was beheaded in Paris, she was also beautified at Notre Dame which is the first process to becoming a Saint.
It was built out of the ruins of two pagan churches and became a symbol of Paris. Napoleon crowned himself emperor of the establishment in 1804, after rebels had ransacked it before he returned to Paris. He knew he had to save this magnificent building, for generations to come, so he ordered the restoration to its former beauty.
The years once again took its toll on this magnificent building, until Victor Hugo, crafted his book with the cathedral in mind and he inspired a movement to save the historical monument and restore it to glory.
Notre Dame only became the property of the French in 1905 and just recently suffered a terrible fire, burning its Spire and relics Infront of millions of on lookers both in Paris and around the world. Yet everyone rallied behind the rebuilding project and it will be again gracing the skyline of Paris.

I have sat in this church and breathed in her beauty and experienced her peace. Although it has been pilfered and ruined. Changed through ages and generations, it still manages to build itself up and back again to magnificence, even better than before, even more profound, attracting even more people.
Let this be a lesson to you that maybe the fear of change is what is holding you back. That maybe nothing is for ever, and maybe the moment you let go, and try reach your dream, is the moment your dream will truly be achievable. This beautiful old lady should prove to you that settling, and living in unhappiness is not worth it, and should never be an option.
What if living in ruins is a privilege. Maybe, ruin is a gift, maybe it is the road to transformation, and the only real travesty is us holding on to the past. The relationships and job that causes unhappiness for the fear of change or failure. Maybe we should try letting go and moving on. We might just be amazed at what we can achieve.
Notre Dame showed me that we should always be prepared for endless roads of transformation and that change is a gift, and we should never fear it, but rather embrace it as we all deserve better.
So, take that leap of faith. Move, leave the job you hate, change, and endure the ruins and then rise magnificently and even better than before. But most of all Rise up Happy and undefeated and know you tried.