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“Everyday someone or many of us walk this earth as strangers to our true selves, not knowing who we are or allowing ourselves to truly feel!” We conform with the worlds norms which generally are not ours.  We shy away from our own reality and live and walk this earth as we are supposed to.   Who wrote that narrative, what if for one day we accept us just the way we are, and we allow ourselves to truly feel?  Just sit for a moment and BREATH in the freedom. Feel the stress realising and just for today declare today Freedom Friday.  Allow yourself to feel it all the way to your bones

We seem to run away from what hurts us, from mountains to high to climb, from problems we do not want to solve or have no idea how to solve, but running away from what hurts us also means we are running from our true selves.  From true freedom.

Its through the observation of all we truly are and accepting what we truly observe with honesty and no judgement that we can release the tension that creates the delusion in our minds and hearts.

When we disconnect from ourselves, we stop growing!!!

When we lie to ourselves, we stop growing!!!

When we are consumed by our faults we stop growing!!

True freedom is looking at yourself as a work in progress that all transgressions and mistakes are only tiny paint strokes in a masterpiece excepting them letting them go and moving forward, honesty will allow you to grow.  Shout it out loud FREEDOM FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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