Gender Bias/Social exposure

I told you today’s topic would be a little controversial and I hope if you have an opinion, you would be kind enough to share it with me.
To those who are super sensitive and religious let me give my apologies now. “Sorry”.
Trending now and thank goodness for that, is Gender-Based violence, but a topic that remains taboo is Gender bias. I think we need to address it rather than ignore it because those that speak out are often silenced or ignored when their views are not the same as most of society.
So, let’s open our mouths. When we remain silent, we potentially affect more people, and I hope to be a better human than that.
Enough babbling now let us get on to the topic.
Social media plays a massive role in our, as well as our kids’ lives. It is a powerful tool to be used, and if we misuse it, it destroys lives. Never use it as a threat to belittle or expose anyone. If you use social media, use it responsibly and not as a tool of destruction.
A woman should never feel ashamed of her sexuality or being sexually active. Once you have reached the age of consent and can participate in connections with partners you trust, you should never be discouraged, or feel dirty or ashamed when engaging. You have every right to enjoy your sexuality if it is done responsibly.
Unfortunately, the double standard is so blatant. Men are often celebrated for scoring and are never shamed for their sexual conquest; it still seems to be a rite to adulthood.
Whereas a woman is chastised for “whoring around” and often threatened to be exposed on a social platform for consenting to perfectly normal activity. Shaming or the fear of shame serves as a way of empowering the man and maintaining the bias.
Having desires and exploring them should be celebrated, it is completely natural as long as there is trust in the relationship and if the relations do not stand the test of time then that is ok as well.
If a man treats you like you are expendable it is him who is always wrong. The belief that it is wrong to explore your sexuality is another example of the “box” we are put in, and unless we stay within the sides of the box, we are not acceptable to society. The idea that a woman should self-loath because of her needs and choices is ridiculous and I often see the pain that this causes.
Men be kind to woman. Woman be kind to yourself. Men celebrate their independence and respect their decisions, and if you were privileged enough to share a special moment with her, and the relationship never lasted, instead of using it against her treasure the moments you had.
Woman stay empowered and carry on the evolution, changed the narrative know you are beautiful and no matter what choices you make or who you choose to share a bed with, that at that very moment, it was a decision you felt comfortable with. Always be kind to each other.
Much Love Lorn.