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Bali is not all peace, love and joy, it also has funny moments, some of which are as simple as a language barrier whilst others might be cultural barriers.  One such moment, which we have encountered time and time again, is that when asked where we are from and we answer  South Africa, most of the taxi drivers shake their heads and say are you sure, “damn sure ”!!They laugh and say “then why are you white?’ To which we have no answer.

The haggling and bargaining at each shop sometimes is tiring and relentless but the best is when they put on an Australian accent and say “come on Mate, do a mate a favour.  We have on occasion had someone say “Dankie” which is thank-you.

I love animals so much and I’m bound to find a stray somewhere on the island that I adopt whilst there.  We met “skinny” and had to teach him to eat meat, as living in Bali I am sure he was a vegetarian, needless to say Skinny followed us everywhere, and waited happily and patiently outside any shop for us.On one occasion, we stopped for a foot massage and skinny waited outside the salon for us, when we went outside to our amazement skinny had gained eyebrows, still don’t know how that happened!!.

In Bali, you look at these humble, happy people, whether you are in agreement with their religion or not, you can’t help but feel the love they have for nature and life. From the flowers they wear behind their ears or the rice on the forehead or the daily offering outside their shop and the eternal blessing every day and the ceremonies, some are as simple as being thankful for the car they drive and others as important as the sense of gratitude for life.

The constant prayers and blessings ceremonies leave no space for depression, as is the realization of the struggle they face every day. They are thankful for life, for Bali, for the Volcano, for the sea the mountains, and you as a tourist.  This is how Bali feeds the soul, attracting joy… a place where simple life is a blessing.

So a little inspiration then, to get you motivated. Always remember life is not fair, but its damn amazing. We each have this insane calling in us to do something, so just do what you desire! When you fall, or fail simply get up and move forward, if you are in doubt about it the next big thing, just take that first step and the rest will follow.

Life is far too short to hate anyone; acceptance and tolerance is always the best medicine. Love with all your heart then Karma takes care of the rest. You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree. This keeps the peace, and looking back in a years time, would it really matter? Take deep breaths, it calms the soul and brightens the mind. Never be scared to admit you were wrong and say sorry.

What people think of you is not your concern, just be who you are. Forgive all the time it is better than holding onto the pain. Remember, we are no better than anyone else, listen and learn from everyone, take in as much as you can and use wisely to then move on. Sometimes silence is best choice.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they not big enough, because we only get one shot at this life, give it your all!!!!

Don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else is as critical of you, as you are. If you want to write then write, if you want to act then act. When it comes to going after what you want in life never take no for an answer. Drink that glass of wine, eat that chocolate and take that trip, we not getting out of here alive.

This is what we want to share with you!!!! Our next big thing is to take a group of Ladies with us to Bali, to immerse you into the culture-nature and the people.  So you can find your happy place.

10 days  Bali tour

Close your eyes and see the greenest green, hear the waves crashing on the beach, drink tequila from a bottle, shaped like a riffle, and finally watch the sunset on the shore as it turns the sand pink!

Imagine three days in shopping heaven, 3 days in on the beach and then 4 days to reset you’re spirit at our Ubud retreat, we will focus on just one thing… “you”!!. A  place where you can re-connect with yourself. Offering a refreshing healing routine of sunrise, yoga, meditation, spa, nature walks, swimming and treks to hidden canyons, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, villages and temples….. It certainly won’t be like any other routine you may have experienced.

We also offer a feast for your senses, the menus feature nutritionally balanced delicious Asian and Western vegetarian meals, flavoured with fresh veggies, herbs and spices from their gardens, spend lazy afternoons in a kidney shaped overflow pool, whilst watching the sun set.

Details to follow. In the meantime let your imagination soar!

See you soon in Bali!!!

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