Just another blog about the Pandemic
Christmas has gone and the yearend looms Infront of us. What has 2020 taught us. Many lessons if I am honest. The tight lock downs taught us how to be by ourselves and truly experience time out. For me personally, time out was an amazing feeling because I learnt to like my own company. I think although I portray this party animal facade, I am an introvert by nature and love time alone.

I learnt how to be productive with my time and continued to study and I found great pleasure in the process. No matter what age you are you never too old to learn. During the tight lock-down I had assignments that were due, and it gave me time to put 100% into them and try to achieve the best results I could. I feel an interesting phenomen on has occurred because of the pandemic and many of us have begun to follow our dreams. Some out of necessity and others because of the extra time on their hands. Sadly, many people closed businesses and were retrenched, and they needed to become creative to earn a living. For some this was an opportunity to chase a dream.


There are a series of things that happen when you try and pursue your dreams here is a list, I have compiled I hope it helps you along the way to becoming what you really want to Self-doubt.
I authored a goal journal this year and during the beginning process I was super confident. I got a photographer to take a few professional head shots. I put hours and hours of work into my book, found a publisher, a graphic designer and 3D artist and put money into my book.
Then self-doubt started to spiral into my head. I write and have always, but I am not an author, would what I have to share be popular with others? Would my journal be of help to anyone else or is it just my crazy mind and the way I process things? Suddenly I wondered what I was thinking. I sat back and listened to myself and heard the negative words spuing out of my mind. I realised that this was the real me being exposed to the light for the first time the part that had always been hidden away. Insecurities forced their way to the surface, as a form of self-protection against perceived rejection and vulnerability. This was the box I had put myself in and never perceived I was good enough. These thoughts are often formed in your early childhood experiences. The only way to overcome them is to recognise them and work through them. Although self-doubt may speak loudly and frantically, I acknowledge that what I was feeling was not a grounded fact and that I was capable of anything if I just believed. So, I released Triumph 2021. It sold and although I was not an overnight millionaire, I believe it will help a lot of people this year and I hope you are one.

Part of the journey is acknowledging that failure is part of the journey
Through my life coaching I try and prepare you for failure and to understand that failure is not the end of the story but merely a steppingstone in the whole process. JK Rowling’s was rejected 12 times before someone excepted her bestselling book Harry Potter. Sylvia Plath once wrote “I love my rejection slips because it shows I tried.” I often get asked how long do you stick with something until you achieve success? Well, if you want to live your dream the answer is, as long as it takes for you to achieve success. Never give up!!!! Never stop believing in yourself.
You will have to work hard.
There are thousands of self-help books out there and tons of people that claim they have a magical recipe for success. But there is no magical milestone towards success. Success takes hard work many hours and a ridiculous number of tears.
Success cannot rescue you from hardship, grief, work, or ease of achieving success again. One book does not make me an expert, one client that is over the moon does not make me the best life coach out there. It always, requires more hard work, overcoming self-doubt, failure and criticism and belief in yourself.
Once you have overcome all these you learn to never shy away from a challenge but rather to embrace it and demolish it.

Here is to a magnificent 2021. No matter what challenges it brings I want you to know you are more that capable of demolishing them.
Triumph 2021 can be order via email it is a beautiful goal setting journal that holds you accountable. Nothing is as powerful as planning.