A popular question I get asked all the time is what is life coaching and who needs it?

I thought it was time I write a post to try and explain life coaching and why it would benefit anyone? There is a lot of confusion about what a life coach is and what we do?

 Let me try and explain it in simple terms.  No one know exactly what is right for you except you, that is why we have “unconditional positive regard” for each of our clients.  The minute some one tries to tell us how to live our life, we fight against that narrative.  You are the only person who knows exactly what is right for you.

 Many clients enter the practice and expect to walk out with the answer and often are disappointed, we don’t give you answers instead we are the sounding board you use to spring the inspiration, the limiting beliefs and the blocks off. Through active listening and probing together we find your direction.  It is important for me as a coach to be open about the coaching contract. Therefore, we have a meet and greet, where we get a feel for each other and establish rapport.  I then send you contract where each of our roles are defined.

 What is a coach?

What is my role as a coach, think of a rugby team, the coach is the mentor, the one person who gives encouragement even if it is a loosing team, even when everyone is criticizing, they are encouraging.  They are non-biased, and see you as an individual with unlimited potential, unlimited resolve, and potential.  We are someone who can give you a different perspective or view on your goal, stumbling blocks and limiting perceptions.  Someone who actively listens to all your ideas.

As a coach I work with you to figure out what would be the best way forward, at no point do I give you the answer but rather together we find the best solutions for you


A Life Coach can help in various ways, some include:

  • A safe space is provided, free of judgment to allow you to explore your options and grow. Within your organization.
  • Help heal parts of yourself that were holding you back
  • Overcome any setbacks, and conflicts within your work, home space
  • Help you when you are just feeling stuck
  • Help identify your strengths and develop them
  • Help you overcome perceived weaknesses
  • Help you through emotional trauma
  • Help give direction to dreams because a dream that does not scare you is not big enough
  • Help you with weight loss and body image problems


As a client who is coming to Life coaching, you need to know that it is a judgment free zone. Somewhere where you can be open and honest, vulnerable, and open to working honestly through your problems. If I don’t know the whole truth, I can help to heal the issues.  Within these walls you will be able to achieve the growth you need.

 Why is a life coach important?

 Life is hard…. It is unrealistic to expect to go through tough times alone, we all need a little support.  The world is a different place now and a lot of us are feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, stuck and anxious.  All these feelings are legitimate, and a sign of strength is acknowledging them first. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves whether it is to be the best Dad, provider, husband and friend, or mother, daughter, wife, lover, and employee. It is sometimes overwhelming and there is nothing wrong with needing a little bit of help and support. Sometimes we are stuck in our ways and it is hard to see things from a different perspective.

You might simply not know how to get that promotion you have been dreaming of, direction to start a business.  Survival after retrenchment, or how to start life after a divorce or even to help you through a divorce.  A clean set of eyes sees things in a different light.  Are you struggling with a terminal family member and need to speak openly about the future? What ever the situation is this is where Life coaching come to play.

I like to think of the mind as a large Filling cabinet, and so often our “filling cabinet” is so disorganized and all the papers have been thrown everywhere, that we just need someone to help us reorganize it, and set us on the right path. And that is why I believe a Life Coach is so important.

I hope if you are reading this, and it has resonated with you a little bit and you’re feeling like you need a little bit of help or support, that you will take the jump and contact me for some help. The biggest and most scary step is the first one…. Take it.