Let’s create a growth mindset for this year.

Wake up early and not just because I say so because it gives you “me time” something that is very important. If you are still employed for the rest of the day, you will be dedicating yourself to someone else dream, and if you are self-employed for the rest of the day you will be devoting yourself to growing your dream, and burnout happens so quickly.
I have been asked what do you do in this “me time” first and foremost is hydration. Drink a glass of hot water and lemon the benefits far outway the taste and after a while, you will enjoy it.
Put your phone away.
Meditate, and meditate does not mean zone out to a black nothing where you see and think of nothing. Rather be still close your eyes and visualise your success. Visualise how it will feel and how it will make you feel. Plan your day.
Read, all successful people read dedicate 15/20 min to reading whether a self-motivating or self-help book or something that inspires you just read. It helps you grow and gives you ideas. Next journal, or plan your day. Write the power of the writing down things is so underestimated and once you write down a dream and goal they become reality something you can see and something to work towards. They become visual Q’s. Work out. Exercise stimulates the endorphins and the better you feel the more productive you will be. Then get a mentor and life coach. A good coach loves people and has a heartfelt desire to help. They have incredible listening skills and let’s face it sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. They ask poignant questions and maintain a curious mindset. They help you celebrate your success and cheer you on but also hold you accountable to your commitments. They are comfortable with silence and remind you how far you have come. They will never judge you. They keep you excited and motivated. See you e