I have decided to look at things a little differently, and instead of assuming the negative. I’ll take the view that what is said to me that previously would hurt me, now either makes me stronger, I can learn from it.
Or wtf they an idiot. I refuse to let anyone steal my soul; I refuse to let something that is said hurt me. I have this one life and I am going to be happy in it

I have a rather strained relationship with a particular family member, one that is supposed to be nurturing and special. I suppose we clash heads because we are so similar but sometimes the things that are said leave scars that take years to heal. Through my studies I have learnt that every ones perception of the same situation is different, and mine and hers often differ to a tremendous degree, so instead of doing what I have always done and being on the defensive I have decided to find the beauty and the positive.
Words are so powerful, and I think we forget just how much strength they have. There is that beautiful saying that words should past through 3 gates, and if we remember that maybe we would all say a hell of a lot less.

2020 has had enough stresses and derailing methodologies that if we add things said by others to it we might just implode.

Here is to only seeing the positive in things. To looking on the bright side. To not letting things hurt your beautiful free soul. To going to everywhere you want, to being like the wind. Let us be gentle in our judgement, patient to those that say things that, they might not realise hurt yet be a powerful force that can withstand anything.

Choose to think and act without others approval, and if you fall stand up tall and start again. Live fearlessly and have confidence in yourself because happiness lies beyond our fears.

Let go of those emotional dependencies, know that by seeking approval and pretty words all the time you are destroying your identity, integrity, and self-expression.

Instead of crawling up into a little ball and letting the words eat at my soul, I have decided that my positive attitude needs to inspire those around me. I want my soul to be free. Freedom is the attitude adopted with determination and perseverance and I want to be responsible for me. So leave the scars in the past, take everything as positive and grow.

Let all the lines on your face be from laughter, those lines between your eyebrows the wtf lines Botox the shit out of those and shine.
Shine so bright that you attract the right people into your life. Go to the people that set a spark alight in your soul.

And the ones that hurt you all the time. There are only two options. Delete the them or change their words and find positive affirmations in them. Remember simplicity is good for the soul, there is beauty inside you and if they cannot see it, buy them a white stick for Christmas.

Have a beautiful week, and shine.