About Me

My career started at Johannesburg General where I studied nursing. Working both in general and high-care units, I was able to combine my natural nurturing skills with the ability to work under pressure. Having just got married, the hours at the hospital were not conducive to having a family of my own.

I moved to work in our engineering firm with my husband, a firm we had for over 21 years. Here I headed both Human Resources and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment facilitating staff  during negotiations.
This is where I learnt to listen.

I moved and started my own medical aesthetics salon.  This is where I fine tuned my listening to both clients and employees.  People began to fascinate me, how each person’s reality was different under the same circumstances. How some were able to drive themselves and others settled for mediocracy, when they had the full potential within themselves, because of their own limitations.  I wanted to change this narrative by asking powerful questions,  questions that challenged them, Powerful engaging questions that would show them the potential within themselves. My nurturing nature will support you through the process, but also allowing you to operate with growth in mind.

“Anything is Possible, When you give it a True Shot ! ”
Business Coaching

While there is plenty of information and advice available online on how to start, grow and expand your business,
all of it is, by nature, generic and not specific to your unique business necessity. With one on one coaching,
we continuously focus on the vision and mission of your company to create the required effect.




“ Replace Perfect with your very Best ! ”
Personal Coaching

Career Advancement

Career advancement

Are you exactly where you need to be? Do you have goals? Do you want to act but need direction are you driven but want more? Are you unsure as to how? Let me be your personal sounding board at first and the let me delve deeper and be brutally honest with you.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

You are both a physical and mental being, one can never survive without the other. Do you have chronic or terminal health issues? Do you not know where to go or how you will cope?  Emotionally exhausted from coping with ill health and need a positive injection into your life.

Are you living with someone that has a terminal disease, do you need direction or simply a place to go?

Body Image

Body image

Are you overweight? Do you need motivation and a gentle push? Do you not like the skin and body you are in would you like to love you again?

Let us provide you with guidance in a holistic manner to help you to make the right choice and to Love yourself again.  Let us help you be accountable to you.

Let  me facilitate your weight loss strategy!!!

“ One on One, Lets achieve your Goals together ! ”